The importance of Grooming

Why should I get my dog groomed?

Grooming is important not only for the dog’s own comfort and wellbeing but for maintaining their physical health.

My dogs Alfie and Babs love having a fresh haircut and they are comfortable from start to finish with their grooms, I make sure it is relaxing for all dogs and a routine they are familiar with, they have regular breaks filled with play, drinks, and love! Not only are Babs and Alfie happy but so am I, they have healthy skin and coats, look good, smell good and are much easier to maintain daily when they have a regular groom!

How does it help the dog?

Grooming allows your dog to be checked for any abnormalities, including skin problems such as ticks, fleas and dry patches, or issues with their nails, teeth, ears, and eyes such as infection. When found at an early stage, these problems can be treated right away, before they have a chance to become more serious.

All elements of grooming are equally important, regular maintenance of coats such as brushing is beneficial to remove dirt and reduce the chance of the dog’s coat matting which can be painful. Brushing helps spread the natural oils in a dog’s coat to help towards maintaining their overall sheen. Grooming is important to remove dead hair and ensure the dog is healthy with nail clipping and ear trimming to prevent any discomfort or infection.

It is important for dogs to become familiar with grooming from a young age, especially long-haired breeds as they require a more intense grooming session, that is not to say dogs with short, clipped fur do not require grooming.

Overall, grooming helps towards your dog’s health and wellbeing, it gives your dog time to be socialised and relax in a caring environment.

If you are unsure whether your dog needs grooming please give me a call for a chat to discuss this on 07948494016